What is the NNHS Marching Band?

The Naperville North High School Marching Huskies are an outdoor performance ensemble consisting of most concert band instruments, drumline, and color guard.  The Marching Huskies serve as one of the most important school spirit organizations in the community, and also serve as an artistic endeavor by performing in competitive shows in and out of the state.  

Do I have to be in a curricular ensemble in order to participate in any extra-curricular ensemble?

No, participation in a curricular ensemble is not required to participate in the Marching Band.  However, it is heavily encouraged, as it is difficult to improve on your skills with the limited amount of rehearsals that we have in the marching band.

How much time is involved?

Like any other sport or activity, participation in marching band requires a commitment of time. Unlike a team sport, we don’t have a second string, so regular attendance by all marching band members is crucial! In addition to our two week band camp in August, we rehearse after school an average of twice a week, and Saturdays. We are also committed to the Last Fling parade, four home football games , three Saturday competitions, and a Bands of America Regional competition. Every four years the marching band takes a trip to a quality destination.

Due to this time commitment it is difficult to participate in both marching band and a fall sport. There is, however, no conflict with winter or spring sports.

What is required for participation?

Marching band members must attend Band Camp in August and regularly attend all rehearsals and performances. Those who cannot meet this commitment can still participate, but will be placed on “alternate status,” performing only when spots open up due to absences. Although musicians are not strictly required to be enrolled in a curricular music class, it is certainly encouraged, as the skills we develop in our concert bands directly affect the quality of the marching band and vice-versa. All students not enrolled in a curricular music class must pass an audition, to ensure minimum competency.

Do I have to audition for Marching Band?

Marching Band is open to all members of our curricular music program without audition. Those not taking a music class must pass an audition of both music and coordination skills in order to qualify for participation. Color Guard and Drumline auditions are held in May for the following Fall.

How do I sign up?

In the spring, the NNHS Marching Band Director will visit the three district junior highs which feed into NNHS, distributing pamphlets and talking to the 8th grade students about Marching Band. These pamphlets include an interest slip which, when returned to your director, indicates who would like to receive the complete Marching Huskies packet (a several-page booklet mailed to those who indicate interest). If you do not receive one of these pamphlets by May 1st, and are interested in receiving the packet, please contact us.